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Jeff Hockenberry, owner of Hockenberry Management Consulting, smiling with his arms crossed

Jeff Hockenberry


Simplifying complex ideas and cultivating growth for more than 30 years.

Meet Jeff Hockenberry




Management Systems





Jeff launched Hockenberry Management Consulting in 2001 and contributes over 30 years of professional experience. He specializes in areas critical to organizational performance and growth - including strategy, management systems, operations, leadership, culture, and sales.


With a passion for helping both individuals and companies, Jeff partners with leaders to identify solutions to challenging situations. He works hand-in-hand with them to implement the necessary steps to facilitate positive change, actual growth, and continuous improvement.

Jeff operates with a client-centered mindset and (quite often) a sense of humor. He creates truly customized approaches for each situation, rather than merely offering “off-the-shelf” solutions.


Most importantly, Jeff has built Hockenberry Management Consulting on a firm foundation of honesty and integrity - even when the truth may be unpleasant. He believes it is best to begin any venture from a foundation of objective reality.

Working with Jeff was a pleasant and productive experience, as he methodically helped me drill down on priorities, goals, and objectives.

Owner/Healthcare Provider

Health and Wellness Products and Services

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