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Business Meeting with Hockenberry Management Consulting to work on business and marketing strategy

Helping Leaders and Businesses Grow

Management Consulting, Strategic Planning, Executive Coaching, Speaking & Training

with a Truly Holistic Approach

We partner with our clients to help them grow.

We help improve performance, streamline operations, refine management systems, develop leadership, cultivate culture, enhance customer experience... and that's just the start of what we can do.

Client of Hockenberry Management Consulting at her desk celebrating a milestone because of leadership training with Jeff and Heather

Our Leadership



Jeff Hockenberry, owner of Hockenberry Management Consulting, with his arms crossed
Heather Hockenberry, owner of Hockenberry Management Consulting, with her arms crossed



After our first set of meetings, I came away with over 30 action items that would help improve my business.

Owner/General Manager

Printing Products and Sales


Our solutions are always customized to each individual and organization.

We base our guidance on a thorough process that includes:

Hockenberry Consulting Icon for Assessment.png


We asses your specific situation and your unique goals.

Hockenberry Consulting Icon for Recommendations.png


We recommend the ideal solution.

Hockenberry Consulting Icon for Implementation.png


We move forward with services as promised.

Hockenberry Consulting Icon for Evaluation.png


Periodic evaluations allow for adjustments as needed.

Smiling business team after a management strategy training session with Hockenberry Management Consulting

We strengthen teams and align organizations.

We are the happiest when we help our clients grow and achieve the goals they set out to achieve. Our satisfaction comes from knowing where they want to be - and then helping them get there.

We would love to help you.

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