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Professional team in a management strategy session with Jeff and Heather from Hockenberry Management Consulting

Insightful and effective management consulting and guidance.

We enable change that creates growth.

Our management consulting services provide a fresh perspective. We help our clients increase their efficiency, reduce costs, improve their customer satisfaction, stay competitive, adapt to changing market conditions, and ultimately - drive growth.

Two businessmen, who are clients of Hockenberry Management Consulting, giving high fives to each other
For anyone seeking wise, professional, spot-on consulting, look no further. Jeff and Heather have what it takes to make a real difference.


Consumer Product Sales, Installation, and Service

Individual & Organizational Assessments  

Our qualitative and quantitative assessments help clients gain a deeper understanding of important matters affecting individual and organizational success. With our guidance, this information provides valuable insights and enables informed recommendations to support client decision making, planning, and action steps.

Advisory Services

We always have our client’s best interest in mind. With no "off-the-shelf" solutions, every recommendation is truly unique to each individual business. We provide objective advice, help identify and address important issues, develop and implement effective action plans, and bring new ideas to improve a business's overall performance and profitability.

Strategic Planning & Implementation

The foundation of success for any company begins with a robust planning process that leads to informed decisions, ultimately improving performance, acquiring customers, flourishing in a competitive environment, and driving growth. However, the efficacy of a strategic plan lies in strategic doing, and we often serve as implementation partners for our clients.

Leadership Development & Team Building

Leadership development and team building often improves communication and collaboration among team members, enhances productivity and efficiency, promotes innovation and creativity, fosters a more positive work culture and employee engagement, and develops strong leaders who can effectively manage teams and drive organizational success.

Performance Management

Many factors affect individual contributor performance, and we provide an objective perspective in this important area, free from the biases and subjectivity that may be present within a company. We identify areas for improvement, help set goals, and develop tools and processes necessary for an effective performance management system.

Process Improvement 

By leveraging our process improvement methods and expertise, we help clients streamline their processes, reduce waste, and improve quality. Results include a stronger bottom line, more engaged team members, better satisfied customers, and a continuous improvement mindset which often leads to additional gains over time.

Culture Change

Like leadership, culture is a foundational factor in business performance and growth. We help clients objectively assess their current organizational environment, identify areas not conducive to their strategic goals and objectives, and recommend appropriate steps to improve culture. Change can take time and is often resisted, so careful planning and execution are very important in this area.

Internal Communications 

We create and implement effective communication strategies that are tailored to every company's specific needs and goals. Our communication plans help ensure consistent messaging, reduce misunderstandings and conflicts, improve employee engagement, and facilitate collaboration and teamwork.

Customer Experience 

We help clients understand the customer’s experience from the customer's perspective, then work together to make sure that experience is awesome. An incredible customer experience will attract and retain customers, increase customer loyalty and advocacy, improve brand reputation, create a competitive advantage, increase revenue and profitability, and promote long-term business sustainability and growth.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing is vital for any organization, serving as the first step in its operational structure. A well-defined marketing strategy enables a business to differentiate itself from competitors, establish a strong brand presence, and ultimately increase sales and revenue. Without a marketing strategy, a business may struggle to attract customers, miss out on growth opportunities, and face challenges in achieving its overall objectives.

Our Leadership



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Hockenberry is extremely insightful, diplomatic, and will produce a high ROI if your organization will embrace the experience and wisdom they offer. A wise investment.

Director of Business Development

Machinery Manufacturing

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