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Heather Hockenberry, owner of Hockenberry Management Consulting, smiling with her arms crossed

Heather Hockenberry


Unpacking complexities to identify the most effective strategies for her clients.

Meet Heather Hockenberry



Team Building



Customer Experience



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With a strong passion for teaching, training, and coaching, Heather is a valuable asset to the Hockenberry Management Consulting team. She has a unique perspective and can look at a situation from multiple angles to find the best overall approach for growth and improvement.

Heather specializes in guiding executives and teams to reach their full potential, offering practical strategies and tools for success. Through proven coaching methods, which combines strategic planning with personalized coaching, Heather's clients have been able to overcome obstacles and achieve success in their careers. Many teams have experienced a greater sense of unity and engagement, resulting in improved morale, increased productivity, and stronger overall performance.

Heather is also passionate about optimizing organizational performance, and she takes a holistic approach when considering the interconnectedness of various functions. Through collaboration with client organizations, she has been able to devise and execute marketing strategies that are closely aligned with the business objectives and sales targets. As a result, these marketing efforts have yielded impressive outcomes.

I had the privilege of working closely with Heather and was impressed and thankful for her extreme attention to detail and laser-like focus.


Consumer Product Sales, Installation, and Service

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