We partner with you and identify ways to improve performance and grow – bridging the gap between point A and point B – ultimately reaching your potential.

We strive to influence real change for individuals and organizations, valuing professional relationships anchored by honesty, to achieve bottom line results focused on your interests.

We believe in teamwork for a purpose and are proud to partner with our clients and other professionals. By working together for a common cause, we can effectively set the direction for and help to achieve our clients’ goals.

Our People

Our consultants partner with you to identify ways to improve performance and grow – in areas like strategy, management systems, operations, leadership, culture, communications, marketing, sales, customer experience, etc. – and forge solutions that bridge the gap between where you are and where you want and need to be.

Jeff has been working with our business for many years, and more recently Heather joined the team, which has resulted in a real powerhouse of support and expertise.

I had the privilege of working closely with Heather to plan an event and was impressed and thankful for her extreme attention to detail and laser-like focus which was a tremendous help to me personally, also resulting in a successful event. She was very adept at helping us envision and develop the big picture, and then also break it down into manageable tasks. In the face of looming deadlines and significant obstacles along the way, Heather remained efficient and unflustered. In the process, I enjoyed getting to know Heather, and the time we spent together was a pleasure.

In several instances, Jeff and Heather have offered thoughtful insights and invaluable feedback, offering support and guidance with sensitive subjects. Both Jeff and Heather are exceptional at taking the necessary time and effort to learn about and understand our business in order to give wise counsel. Their dedication to getting to the heart of a matter to truly discern what may be best in any given situation has been irreplaceable.

As I’ve gotten to know Jeff and Heather, I can say that it is evident that they hold themselves to a high standard as they exhibit integrity and genuineness in all they do and say. Jeff and Heather have always had our best interest in mind, and it shows in the level of care that they have shown, as they have invested much time and careful thought into our business. On top of this, they are friendly, trustworthy, down-to-earth good people. For anyone seeking wise, professional, spot-on consulting, look no further. Jeff and Heather have what it takes to make a real difference.

-Owner | Consumer Product Sales, Installation, and Service