We have worked with Jeff for several months now. After our first set of meetings, I came away with over 30 action items that would help improve my business.

He is very thorough and listens carefully before giving straight forward recommendations. Jeff has a lot of integrity and honesty, and I believe he truly cares about his clients. Hockenberry Management Consulting offers a lot of fundamentals that will help you grow your business.

-Owner/General Manager │ Printing Products and Sales

Hockenberry Management Consulting came recommended to my company through a mutual client. I had been in business for twenty years and wanted to make sure my next twenty would set me up for retirement.

From the first time I met Jeff, I knew he was the right fit for our company. He came in with a very calm approach to figuring out and helping to solve our issues. That was very important for all of us involved in the process.
Jeff has shown how to focus my energy on different aspects of the business. He has taught me how to properly prioritize the strategic parts of the business, as well as the day to day operations. Since starting to work with Jeff six years ago, our company has an entirely different look and attitude – for the better.

Jeff brings a very calming and positive attitude to the organization. He is the type that will build upon your good attributes and not focus on your negatives. For us that is the very reason we selected Jeff to help in the business.

If you are looking for a someone that wants to work with you and become an invested part of your organization, then you should reach out to Hockenberry Management Consulting. They are there to not only have you grow financially, but also to grow as an individual so that your company can come together as one.

-Owner/General Manager │ Technology Products and Services

Working with Hockenberry Management Consulting is a very positive and comfortable partnering experience. I genuinely feel they are as concerned with our professional growth and long-term prospects as we are, and I strongly believe they should be part of our team forever.

They are extremely helpful in guiding and organizing strategic thinking, planning, and execution. The harmonized strategic plan was better than any one person could have developed on their own and strategic planning was critical to growing our business 300% over 10 years.

Hockenberry is extremely insightful, diplomatic, and deftly able to foster teaming and collaboration among stakeholders with competing interests (and attention spans!). HMC will produce a high ROI if your organization will embrace the experience and wisdom they offer. A wise investment.

-Director of Business Development │ Machinery Manufacturing

Our experience has been great working with Jeff! He has a talent for unpacking a challenge and putting it back together in a systematic way. Jeff always exudes the highest level of professionalism and character.

I think for our organization and for me personally, we've gained insights on how to think more strategically, set goals and execute tactics to achieve the goals, and ultimately win as an organization.

I would say if you're looking for a 20,000 ft. view and perspective to help you decide where to go next, then Jeff can help you on that path. He has a talent for helping leaders see past the trees in the forest.

-President/CEO │ Diversified Technology and Professional Services

If I think back to what Hockenberry Management Consulting has coached us through over the past 10 years or so, there are two things that were game changers for my firm and me.

For the firm, one of the biggest challenges was identifying and developing our ideal client way before industry leaders rolled out the term "ideal client". That has been a very successful strategic objective. Little did we know that one strategic objective would develop into many more. We continue to focus on and develop what the “ideal client” means for our organization.

For me personally, the greatest accomplishment I’ve achieved working with Hockenberry has been going through the process of firing myself. In fact, this is my biggest and proudest accomplishment in my entire career. I went from being a control freak to delegating everything. My story always ends with "and I don't even get any mail at the office anymore" and I’m grateful for it. Many small business owners need to go through this process. Even though it took years to accomplish, the results have had a great impact on my life overall.

-President/CEO │ Professional and Business Services

Working with Jeff and Heather has been a wonderful, eye-opening experience. They use common sense strategies to help work through the daily clutter of operations in a business and develop realistic goals and a plan that sticks, helping the company move forward.

Hockenberry Management Consulting has helped to create a shift toward goal-minded leadership and increased productivity through goal setting. They take time to work with leadership to plan the best direction for the business and address communicating that to the rest of the team.

My time with both Heather and Jeff has expanded my thinking on how to look at the daily and monthly challenges I face both at home and at work, helping to create a better balance.

Jeff and Heather have an excellent gift of listening and are willing and flexible to work around busy schedules to conduct meetings.  Heather brings a fresh, creative direction to the normal business world – she is innovative, has strong integrity, and is willing to commit to whatever is needed to help a business be successful.

Jeff gives a calming approach to discussing obstacles in business, which allows people to be more relaxed and open to what the real issues are. He is a great listener and has the ability to call people to the carpet when an issue starts with leadership.

Hockenberry Management Consulting is great at getting to the root of issues, bringing innovative ideas and solutions, and focusing on not only a vision, but how to get there and who to empower.

-Sales Manager │ Consumer Product Sales, Installation, and Service

I have worked with Jeff for over 10 years and Heather for almost 1 year now. My experience has been exceptional. Jeff takes a holistic approach to coaching and consulting. He has regularly re-prioritized my thinking on how to approach strategy and operational improvements.

Our business has partnered with Hockenberry Management Consulting for Strategy Review, Management, Leadership & Sales Training, development of a new handbook, Coaching in all kinds of areas, assistance with effective meeting agendas, and so much more. Heather and I started working together in the Fall of 2018. Heather has jumped into the complete marketing and communications side of our business. Again, I would say she has taken a holistic approach to her defined role to make our marketing efforts more effective. Heather brings perspective to how a customer and a prospect think about our business in all areas of communication, advertising, merchandising, etc.

As a result of working with Hockenberry Management Consulting, I have made many changes over time to be a more trusted leader, to have more integrity, and to appreciate others more. I see how important my attitude and actions are within the business culture. Jeff and Heather bring a high level of knowledge in how good business works, and through their holistic analysis they come up with a best plan for growth – for the people and ultimately for the business.

Jeff and Heather are great people with a high set of respected values. Working with them has made me self-analyze and adjust my thinking and actions in areas of employee interaction, vendor and customer interaction, and my personal life.

My recommendation to anyone considering a working relationship with Hockenberry Management Consulting is to be open during the analysis process and trust that the recommendations come from Jeff’s and Heather’s heart and experience in many businesses. Jeff and Heather assist with behavioral changes and process improvements that are sustainable, making the process worth it.

-President/CEO │ Consumer Product Sales, Installation, and Service

I had been in business for two years and came to the realization that I needed to improve my marketing program.

I met with Jeff and found him very thorough in assessing my needs, helping me discover the strengths of my company and offering solid suggestions on how to improve my bottom line. I would highly recommend him.

-Owner/Consultant │ Business Services Consulting

Jeff has been working with our business for many years, and more recently Heather joined the team, which has resulted in a real powerhouse of support and expertise.

I had the privilege of working closely with Heather to plan an event and was impressed and thankful for her extreme attention to detail and laser-like focus which was a tremendous help to me personally, also resulting in a successful event. She was very adept at helping us envision and develop the big picture, and then also break it down into manageable tasks. In the face of looming deadlines and significant obstacles along the way, Heather remained efficient and unflustered. In the process, I enjoyed getting to know Heather, and the time we spent together was a pleasure.

In several instances, Jeff and Heather have offered thoughtful insights and invaluable feedback, offering support and guidance with sensitive subjects. Both Jeff and Heather are exceptional at taking the necessary time and effort to learn about and understand our business in order to give wise counsel. Their dedication to getting to the heart of a matter to truly discern what may be best in any given situation has been irreplaceable.

As I’ve gotten to know Jeff and Heather, I can say that it is evident that they hold themselves to a high standard as they exhibit integrity and genuineness in all they do and say. Jeff and Heather have always had our best interest in mind, and it shows in the level of care that they have shown, as they have invested much time and careful thought into our business. On top of this, they are friendly, trustworthy, down-to-earth good people.

For anyone seeking wise, professional, spot-on consulting, look no further. Jeff and Heather have what it takes to make a real difference.

-Owner │ Consumer Product Sales, Installation, and Service

Working with Jeff was a pleasant and productive experience, as he methodically helped me drill down on priorities, goals, and objectives.

On a personal level, Jeff helped me to understand what motivated me in business, which was very useful. From a practical standpoint, he helped me to define my priorities which yielded good bottom line results.

I found Jeff to be easy to work with, personable, and filled with wisdom. If I were to speak with someone considering working with Hockenberry Management Consulting, I would say “go for it!” because it’s worth every penny and every minute of time you will invest.

-Owner /Healthcare Provider │ Health and Wellness Products and Services

Jeff is very methodical with his approach to his consulting work. He works to initially get a temperature for the underlying culture/morale/DNA of the company and then puts his vast expertise to work inside of that understanding.

Strategy is a very time consuming but worthwhile process and Jeff helped to shepherd us along as we progressed in hitting our short term and long term strategy goals.

Jeff is one of the most honest and genuine people I know. Jeff brings a calm intensity to his approach, which is the exact combination needed when implementing strategy. Strategy quite often requires change and the implementation of change needs a firm yet gentle execution.

Partnering with Jeff is one of the most valuable investments you can make into your company.

-President/Partner │ Diversified Technology and Professional Services

Working with Hockenberry Management Consulting has been a very rewarding experience. The process has taught me how to take a different approach to analyzing the business and executing our strategy in a manner that is more efficient and effective than it was prior to working with Hockenberry Management Consulting.

As a result of our work with Hockenberry Management Consulting, I have better understanding of my business. They have taught me how to take my ideas and goals for the business and approach them in a way that gets results. We have completed numerous strategic objectives for the firm through our work and the results have been tremendous. The process has greatly benefited our staff as well as our clients.

Jeff and Heather are a pleasure to work with. They really take the time to make sure you understand the process and continue to assist you along the way to make sure you are making progress and getting results.

I would highly recommend working with Hockenberry Management Consulting. I have no doubt that anyone who commits to the process will get results and will be glad they did so in the end.

-Owner /General Manager │ Financial Products and Services

My experience working with Hockenberry Management Consulting has been very positive. Jeff and Heather both did a great job helping us create strategic objectives that applied directly to our business.

The difference in the business has been a major one as we are now more organized and systematized in everything that we do. This has a huge impact on the amount of time we have to spend on some of the smaller more monotonous tasks and allows us to focus on the more important tasks.

Jeff and Heather are both detail oriented and thorough in everything they do. They took the time to really understand our business and make sure we understood the process of how to move forward.

The amount of work to make real change may seem daunting at first, but the result is very worth it. As long as you are willing to put the work in, you will see results!

-Financial Advisor │ Financial Products and Services

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